JavaScript Email Validation

12th June 2005

Recently I have had the pleasure of working with some really well put together software from a company renowned for being at the forefront of the evolution of business process outsourcing in the UK. In the process I found they had included a wonderful little regular expression for validating an email address.

Commonly email validation in JavaScript goes little further that checking for the presence of an @ symbol, maybe even a . if you’re lucky. However calling on the power of the RegExp object it should be possible to create something a little more rigorous. Well you’d think anyway. Here’s the script,

var r, re;
var re=new RegExp("@","i");
r =;
if (r == "-1")
    alert ("Please enter a valid email address")

Impressive. I’d be grateful if someone could point out how this would be preferable to a simple indexOf, or why if you went to the trouble of using a regular expression you wouldn’t do something a little better. On the plus side it’s unlikely to inadvertently reject any valid addresses.

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