Iceland 2006

28th January 2006

Some holiday snaps from a long weekend in and around Reykjavík. It’s a great city and a stunningly beautiful country that my decidedly amateur photography does very little justice to. It’s just a shame that while we were there we didn’t get to see the northern lights – I guess that’s a good excuse to go back there.

Just outside the Blue Lagoon, you wouldn’t want to swim in there.

Inside the Blue Lagoon. The water is naturally heated by geothermal energy and the colour comes from the algae and minerals in the water.

Volcanic crater

Looking down into Kerio, a volcanic crater with a frozen lake at the bottom. It seems Iceland has a refreshing view on health and safety. In Britain you probably wouldn’t be able to see anything past the fences stopping people from falling in ;-)

Gullfoss, Iceland’s most famous waterfall. Again note the treacherous icy conditions and lack of a fence to reduce the likelihood of plummeting to an untimely death.

We didn’t see the “original” geyser erupt, however it’s neighbour Strokkur is far more active.

A hot spring in the Geyser region.

The church Hallgrímskirkja dominates the skyline of Reykjavík. The views from the top are stunning.

Sunday morning over Reykjavík. Looking out from the viewing platform at the top of Hallgrímskirkja.

If anyone else is planning visiting, I’d also like to recommend Vegamót (just off Laugavegur in the centre of town), who serve up some fantastic food – good enough to ease the pain of how much it costs to have a drink out there!

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  1. Man! I gotta go there some time.. thanks for showing man. :)

    # Posted by Ruben Swieringa on 9th June 2006.

  2. i think iceland is pretty cool im going there with one of my best friends chugaluga were pretty cool people and we wonder why some people have white stuff on there face. do people swim in freezing ice i wonder.. hMMM?? because when we come there we dont want to be frozen and then how will we come back.. good question i know=] aniwayz . do u mind telling us were there are cheap hotels next to the blue lagoon we know th eres one . but…. it costs to much and we have limited money . so please write back to my email.. please and thank you

    mucho love from boolachuga and chugaluga

    # Posted by boolachuga on 15th December 2006.

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