voice-family: 'Gary Lineker';

26th November 2005

Recently at work I was presented with a football news item to add to our website — Alton College had beaten St Vincent College 3 - 1 to move level on points at the top of the Hampshire College’s under-19 League. As part of the news item there was a league table highlighting Alton’s current lofty position. Whilst marking up the table I thought it might be interesting/fun to experiment with adding a little bit of speech CSS and generated content to make the table easier to follow when read using Opera.

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Disappearing HTML Text in Flash

26th October 2005

Bold and Italic HTML text sometimes disappears from a textfield. Here’s a brief tutorial that tries to explain why this happens and more importantly how you can stop it.

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Stage Object

24th August 2005

Problems that can be solved by using the Stage object seem to appear with some regularity on the Flash forums I visit, so I put together a little tutorial that demonstrates a common use for it.

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CSS Inspector

14th August 2005

While working on a theme for Moodle I thought it would be helpful to have a tool that allowed me to easily view details of an element in the document. To be able to see it’s ancestors, with any classes and id’s. Basically all the information need to write a CSS selector for that element. So I wrote a user JavaScript to do just that.

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innerXHTML — Revisited

6th August 2005

After writing a seriously over-complicated JavaScript class to handle innerHTML style behaviour in XHTML documents served with the application/xhtml+xml MIME type. I just found out what I was doing wrong that was preventing all the simpler things I tried working. It’s all about namespaces.

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There’s a Fly in my Tag Soup

3rd August 2005

After trying to customise a web application using CSS and JavaScript I’m starting to wish browsers had never allowed web developers to get away with writing tag soup. Certainly if the developers of the pages I was trying to modify had been faced with a YSoD each time they produced malformed markup my job would’ve been made a lot easier ;-)

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What is “this”?

26th July 2005

While experimenting using XMLHttpRequest I noticed a few slightly strange differences between the different browsers I was testing. These differences related to the value of the “this” keyword in the onreadystatechange event handler.

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Explorer Update

24th July 2005

I got round to adding a stylesheet that doesn’t fail completely in Internet Explorer. While I was at it I also fixed up the fancy (pointless) Find as you type functionality on my search box so that now should work in IE too. Ooh AJAX how very modern.

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Oversized Flashkit Advert

22nd July 2005

Ok, I usually don’t have a problem with adverts on websites, but ever since Flashkit upgraded their forums to vbulletin 3 the advert that appears alongside the header is getting ridiculous. So I decided to “Take back the web” and wrote a script for Opera’s User JavaScript that tries to remove it.

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Mint Condition

6th July 2005

Hooray! Today I began my collection of original animation artwork with two fantastic pencil sketches from Futurama. I’m such a nerd…

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JavaScript Email Validation

12th June 2005

Recently I have had the pleasure of working with some really well put together software from a company renowned for being at the forefront of the evolution of business process outsourcing in the UK. In the process I found they had included a wonderful little regular expression for validating an email address.

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1st May 2005

The innerHTML property may be non-standard, but it can be a lot more convienient than fiddling around with the DOM methods to insert a chunk of XHTML into a page. Currently Mozilla doesn’t allow the use of innerHTML to insert markup into documents served as application/xhtml+xml, so here is a class that attempts to provide similar functionailty to innerHTML for these documents.

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Unspoilt by Progress

23rd April 2005

Users of Microsoft Internet Explorer may have noticed that this site looks a little, uh, “minimal” in your browser — minimal in this case being a polite word for broken.

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Flash versus Firefox

10th January 2005

On a number of the Flash forums I visit regularly I have noticed that questions seem to appear cyclically. One of the current hot topics is “Why is my movie is broken in Firefox?” In almost every case the problem is the same — that the movie appears far too small — and it relates to the use of percentage dimensions.

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9th January 2005

This is a weird one. Usually when I find a browser bug, or at least something that looks a little like a bug, other people have already found it, documented it and come up with workarounds. This however seems to have gone pretty much unnoticed? Maybe it’s too insignificant for people to care…

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