Slidey Blocks

30th March 2006

While searching through some files I stumbled across this game that was part of my old site. I think the original version must’ve been written back in the days of Flash 5. Much to my surprise (and very unlike most of the Flash games I ever made) I found it almost manages to be fun to play.

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A run-in with bad browser support

27th March 2006

There are a couple of lesser known CSS display properties, run-in and compact that while probably not the most exciting (or useful) parts of the CSS specifications do still look fairly interesting. Recently I have found a couple of places where the use of run-in or compact would’ve been neater than the workaround solutions I ended up with.

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CSS Inspector (again)

25th March 2006

Since I last posted about it my CSS Inspector User JavaScript/Greasemonkey script has undergone a few little tweaks and changes.

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PHP: UTF-16 to UTF-8

16th March 2006

Recently I’ve been doing some work on a PHP script that has to process a bunch of XML files (in this case they’re imsmanifest files) however a few of them weren’t being parsed successfully.

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Opera CSS Fixes

11th March 2006

I just downloaded the lastest Opera weekly (build 8265) to checkout the new acid 2 fixes. Aside from being the first Windows browser to pass Acid2 I was very pleased to see they’ve also made good progress on sorting out the box model for textareas. In the past Opera appeared to include borders and padding within the width and height of the textarea, but not anymore. This fix along with some fixes for offsetWidthLeft and offsetHeightTop means my resizable textareas now look and work as intended. Nice.

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