Stage Object

24th August 2005

Problems that can be solved by using the Stage object seem to appear with some regularity on the Flash forums I visit, so I put together a little tutorial that demonstrates a common use for it.

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CSS Inspector

14th August 2005

While working on a theme for Moodle I thought it would be helpful to have a tool that allowed me to easily view details of an element in the document. To be able to see it’s ancestors, with any classes and id’s. Basically all the information need to write a CSS selector for that element. So I wrote a user JavaScript to do just that.

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innerXHTML — Revisited

6th August 2005

After writing a seriously over-complicated JavaScript class to handle innerHTML style behaviour in XHTML documents served with the application/xhtml+xml MIME type. I just found out what I was doing wrong that was preventing all the simpler things I tried working. It’s all about namespaces.

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There’s a Fly in my Tag Soup

3rd August 2005

After trying to customise a web application using CSS and JavaScript I’m starting to wish browsers had never allowed web developers to get away with writing tag soup. Certainly if the developers of the pages I was trying to modify had been faced with a YSoD each time they produced malformed markup my job would’ve been made a lot easier ;-)

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