What is “this”?

26th July 2005

While experimenting using XMLHttpRequest I noticed a few slightly strange differences between the different browsers I was testing. These differences related to the value of the “this” keyword in the onreadystatechange event handler.

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Explorer Update

24th July 2005

I got round to adding a stylesheet that doesn’t fail completely in Internet Explorer. While I was at it I also fixed up the fancy (pointless) Find as you type functionality on my search box so that now should work in IE too. Ooh AJAX how very modern.

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Oversized Flashkit Advert

22nd July 2005

Ok, I usually don’t have a problem with adverts on websites, but ever since Flashkit upgraded their forums to vbulletin 3 the advert that appears alongside the header is getting ridiculous. So I decided to “Take back the web” and wrote a script for Opera’s User JavaScript that tries to remove it.

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Mint Condition

6th July 2005

Hooray! Today I began my collection of original animation artwork with two fantastic pencil sketches from Futurama. I’m such a nerd…

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